4 Tips To Get Your Facebook Video Shared

Facebook Video Share

4 Tips To Get Your Facebook Video Shared

In Facebook, the engagement rate is the percentage of people who saw a post that reacted to, shared, clicked, or commented on it.

Sharing occurs when a user shares a Facebook post with his or her Facebook friends on their own timeline, on a friend’s timeline, in a group, or in a private message.

Sharing is the most important and highly valued form of engagement on Facebook because it suggests the deepest connection a user feels with a brand.

Benefits of Shared Content

  • More engaged users
  • More brand exposure & recognition
  • Reach targeted audiences
  • Increase your web traffic

With over 1.5 billion Facebook users worldwide, content is constantly flooding news feeds and getting your post to be the one shared among users can be a challenge.

Tips for Increased Sharing of Your Facebook Videos

  • Post timely and relevant content – Post content that your audience can easily connect with and find interest in.
  • Include a call to action – A call to action persuades the viewer to like, share, or comment on your content, without a call to action your video will receive a significantly less amount of engagement.
  • Use other channels to increase exposure – Promoting your video through email and other social channels will increase exposure.
  • Use hashtags – Posts with hashtags see 60% more interactions.


Shared Content and Impressions

In Facebook, an impression represents each instance of a post appearing in someone’s news feed for the first time. Posts receive impressions when you first send them to a fan’s news feed, as well as if fans share them, meaning sharing content increases the number of impressions a page receives.

Encouraging Sharing with Video Checkout

Video Checkout allows a customer to make a purchase or donation directly on the Facebook news feed. Because the user is never redirected to a third-party page, the user experience is improved significantly and sharing the experience is much easier.

Once a customer shares your video, the product overlay stays with the video so you don’t have to worry about the video player breaking to a separate product page.

By staying in the Facebook news feed, your brand will see higher engagement and higher conversion rates.

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