How to A/B Test Your Video Thumbnail

AB Test Your Video Thumbnail

How to A/B Test Your Video Thumbnail

With our recent announcement of Video Checkout updates in the month of April, we wanted to share how you can A/B test one of our new features – a custom thumbnail for your video.

With more options comes more opportunity for you to figure out what exactly is working with your audience and what you can tweak to improve performance.

This is a feature many people have been requesting. You will have the traditional option of picking a specific frame within the video as well as upload a custom image to use as your video’s thumbnail.

So how can we go ahead and A/B test your thumbnail images?

We’ve talked about A/B testing specific parts of your video such as content, call to action, button color, and marketing channels. And you should definitely keep A/B testing these factors. However, with the new addition of the custom thumbnail, you will benefit from testing out a few various thumbnails.

To do this, you will want to upload a video campaign two or three times. This will allow you to not only A/B test for the factors mentioned earlier, but also allow you to experiment with a custom thumbnail. Including a call to action on a thumbnail will drastically increase the interest of a potential viewer. Similarly, you may find that a single static image may be just what you need to enhance the power in your video.

Once you’ve created two or three variations of video with different thumbnails, you’ll want to test these videos, keeping other variables as consistent as possible. By viewing analytics when logged in to your Video Checkout account, you’ll have the ability to see performance on your videos to give you some data on what thumbnails are working.


Choosing your custom thumbnail is extremely simple. All you have to do is click on the “select thumbnail” dropdown when editing your video (See image below).

You will have the option to select a frame from the video or upload a new image. Both options are extremely valuable and worth experimenting with.

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