Ceros Provides 5 Types of Interactive Marketing

5 Types of Interactive Marketing

Ceros Provides 5 Types of Interactive Marketing

A typical problem with content is that it is too long and lacks engaging elements like visuals or videos. Interactive marketing allows you to break down the barriers static content types present.

There are many different types on interactivity you can use in your own content marketing program.

Quizzes and Assessments

Quizzes are a successful form on interactive content because they’re highly personalized. They’re an easy way to stir audience interest while allowing them to customize the experience they have with your content. The information and data collected can help you better understand your users.


Having calculators integrated into a website’s layout makes it easier for people to do their research in one place. Giving your consumers the option to calculate directly on your site also provides a layer of transparency and keeps them invested in your company.

The user inputs their information into designated fields and receives personalized results based on the information given.

Interactive Data Visualization

Data visualization involves finding a more eye-catching way to portray data for your audience. When made interactive, data is easier to understand and is more interesting to audiences.

Interactive Storytelling

Interactive storytelling follows a similar process to traditional storytelling, but includes elements such as animations, multimedia, and branching narratives. These elements allow the audiences to actively participate in the narrative and control which parts they engage with.

Interactive Video

One of the reasons interactive video is such an effective marketing tool is because it can be used to tell many different kinds of stories. Clickable elements within the video give viewers the unique opportunity to choose what they want to learn and in what order.

We think interactive video is the most important of the 5 tools listed. Video is already the best performer when compared to other forms of interactive content. Making it interactive only adds another element to significantly increase engagement.

People love watching video and it is preferred over any other type of content. By integrating interactive video into your website and social media pages, you will have a new competitive edge against your competitors.

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