Encouraging Engagement With Your Interactive Facebook Video

Interactive Facebook Video

Encouraging Engagement With Your Interactive Facebook Video

Facebook is a great tool for any brand looking to connect and engage with customers online. With the possibility of interactive Facebook video, we can expect quite some growth with this tool in 2016. Today, people are posting 75% more videos to Facebook. In the United States alone, people are posting 94% more videos to social networks in general.

We have come up with some answers to questions many people have about how they can engage their audience using Facebook video.

Defining Engagement

Engagement is defined as the number of unique people who have clicked, commented, or shared your post.

This is extremely important because engagement on Facebook widens your brand’s fan base and increases your brand’s reach in the Facebook community.

Types of Content

Your Facebook page should have a variety of videos, photos, questions, and links posted on its wall. You can use Facebook page insights to track engagement and see which type of post does the best. By using interactive video, you can increase conversions up to 5x by engaging customers on Facebook.

Your Facebook videos need to entertain, educate, and draw emotion from your audience. Without these three aspects, you are at risk of losing valuable views and increasing drop off rates.

Creating bite-sized content, 30 second to 1 minute videos which summarize the main points of your content with no wait time involved, increases user engagement by lowering drop off rates.

Native Facebook videos posted directly to the Facebook wall have higher engagement rates than linked videos from other sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

The Copy of Your Facebook Post

Writing alluring copy is extremely important if you want to grab your audience’s attention. You need to consider the correct wording and length among other factors while creating your content.

Length of a Facebook Post: Shorter posts perform much better than longer ones. The ideal length for a Facebook post is under 40 characters – this sounds short, but it is proven that a post with this length receives the highest engagement. A Facebook post with 80 characters or less receives 66% higher engagement, so aim at keeping your post under 80 characters.

Wording of a Facebook Post: You should keep your sentences short and instructive. The average attention span of users is 8 seconds, meaning the first few words of your Facebook post are crucial to reeling in the audience. Also avoid writing in first person. If the post sounds as if it can come from anyone, a person will be more likely to share content.

Including a Call to Action: A crucial part of a Facebook post, especially with interactive video, is including a call to action. Interactive calls to action in videos, such as buy buttons, links to other pages, and drop down purchase menus, transform video views into actions and significantly increase user engagement. In a Facebook post’s text, a call to action statement is usually included at the end of the message. As long as the call to action is clearly presented and defined, you will easily engage your audience.

Encouraging Sharing and Liking

In 2014, Facebook banned like-gating, meaning brands could no longer require people to like their page to view certain content.

Since brands are unable to incentivize people to use social plugins or like a page, they now make more genuine connections. This is because the individuals liking and sharing an organization’s content are interested in what the company offers and people are no longer liking a Facebook page because of deceitful incentives.

The same goes for sharing content, if people are sharing content because of honest interest, a brand will have more of a genuine and authentic following. Incentives only generate deceptive and artificial leads.

So how can you encourage sharing without providing incentives?

You can simply ask your audience to share your content. For example, if you are a nonprofit posting a heartwarming video testimonial, you might say, “share this with someone who cares about animal rights.”

Your audience is more likely to share your content if they find it relatable and relevant. Try telling a compelling story to connect people who share interests and purposes.

The Best Form of Engagement

Now that you know how to engage your audience on Facebook, you might be wondering what type of engagement is best… Likes, shares, or comments?

Sharing is the most valuable form of engagement on Facebook. When a person shares a post, a brand’s exposure on Facebook is increased exponentially.

Facebook’s News Feed algorithm gives up to 1,300 percent more weight to shares than likes when it comes to what’s shown near the top of a user’s feed.

The key for brands is to use interactive video players that can grab an audience’s attention and use a call to action to increase conversion rates. By posting interactive videos on the Facebook feed, brands are providing their audience with the opportunity to engage and connect on a much deeper level.

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