Facebook Announces Facebook For Nonprofits

Facebook For Nonprofits

Facebook Announces Facebook For Nonprofits

A recent article in Forbes explained how Facebook recently launched Facebook for Nonprofits, a new website helping charities raise money and support on Facebook. The website covers anything from engaging supporters with video, to using Facebook during events, and targeting micro-communities.

There are specific tools such as the new Donate Now Button, which can be embedded into a nonprofit organization’s Facebook page and ads, allowing people to donate through a pre-selected website. This buy button is only available to nonprofits and the transaction takes place outside of Facebook.

Facebook explained that the social network is “also starting to test tools that will enable nonprofits to collect contributions directly on Facebook.”

This is an exciting development in the world of nonprofits, marking another step taken to help organizations reach audiences online and connect with their followers on social media. Although Facebook is working on developing technology to allow donations directly through Facebook, the network has not started to allow it just yet.

Unlike Facebook’s donate now button which directs donors to a separate website to make a donation, Video Checkout remains the only in-app tool that allows customers to make purchases and donations without leaving their Facebook page.

Our technology allows nonprofits to post a video to Facebook and collect donations safely and securely. Because engaged donors aren’t redirected to a separate website, nonprofits will have increased conversions and greater success.

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