All without leaving Facebook.

One tap in the Facebook news feed is all it takes to watch your product video and accept a secure payment.

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Turn Your Facebook Videos into eCommerce Solutions.

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Video Checkout for Facebook helps you increase your revenue

Increase the number of people who purchase your product by eliminating unnecessary clicks to checkout. Now your audience will stay engaged with your brand, even as they complete their payment information directly in the news feed.

Be Everywhere Your Video is Shared on Facebook

When customers share your video on Facebook with their friends and family, your product overlay stays with the video. There’s no risk of breaking your link to a separate product page.

Secure and safe

Video Checkout for Facebook is a PCI compliant payment system that encrypts your customer’s personal information. Facebook will not see or record the transaction. Only your brand will receive the data. It’s not shared or brokered, even anonymously, with any other entity.

Use your existing videos

No need to shoot or edit video content. Use your existing videos, even ones that you’ve already posted to YouTube, for your Facebook campaigns.

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See it in action

Retail Brands

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Hipster parrot bebop drone in Facebook feed
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Video Checkout for Websites, Too

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More than Facebook

Now that you’ve created videos for Facebook, it’s time to share them on the blogs and websites of your supporters and fans.

Cut and paste a few lines of code into any website to embed your video. Your video will play with an interactive overlay for secure payments.

Shoppable Video

Other shoppable videos simply link to a separate shopping cart and checkout page. The result is lowered conversions with each click the customer takes.

Only Video Checkout gives your customers the unique experience of completing the entire checkout process from within the video itself. The result is higher engagement with your brand, and higher conversion rates.

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Easily see video performance with analytics

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