New Lead Generation Tool

Lead Generation Tool

New Lead Generation Tool

The launch of video checkout 2.8 was accompanied by several features including branded email receipts, custom fields in export, New Zealand currency, and lead generation for beta users.

Lead generation is the most noteworthy update that allows Video Checkout users to capture lead information in the form of signups or leads for more information.

Before the lead gen feature, users could only use Video Checkout to drive sales. Now, businesses that don’t typically use video to sell goods can use Video Checkout to collect leads and attract new customers.

How it Works

You can upload your lead gen form directly on a video to collect sign ups, emails, names, and phone numbers.

Once your form is encoded, you can customize its name and description. After completion, the form can be dragged and dropped onto your video.

The process is a few steps and takes only minutes to complete.

When a customer sees the video, the lead gen form overlays the video so their information can be input while the video is still playing.

Businesses Using Lead Gen  

Industries that have used the lead gen feature include:

  • Real Estate
  • Auto Companies
  • Loan/Financial Organizations
  • Non Profit Organizations

A real estate agent could use Video Checkout’s Lead Gen tool to add a sign up form on a video of a house that was recently put on the market. This form could ask viewers to enter an email address to receive more information.

An automobile manufacturer might ask viewers to sign up for a test drive of a new car being displayed in the video.

For nonprofits, there may be a need to get more organization members through a sign up form or to get people to sign a petition.

Data that is Gathered

While Video Checkout users have the option to edit the fields they put into their lead gen feature. The primary, and most successful form of data being gathered is Name and Email Address.

The more fields a customer is asked to enter, the lesser chance of you collecting that lead.

The conversion rate improves by almost half when the number of form fields are reduced. This is because the user wants to spend the least amount of time possible filling out the form to get access to what is being offered.

The Beta Phase

We originally launched our lead gen software exclusively with beta users. However, we plan to launch lead gen to the public early Q3.

What is the beta program? – Beta users are merchants who will actively use lead generation. These merchants are considered ‘high-tier’ due to their continuous business with Total-Apps. These users are testing the lead gen feature in beta mode, before it goes public.

Soon enough, everyone will be able to start collecting valuable information through the lead generation feature!

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