ReelSEO Gives Us 4 Ways to Make the Most of Instagram Video

Instagram Video

ReelSEO Gives Us 4 Ways to Make the Most of Instagram Video

According to a recent article by ReelSEO, Instagram’s recent release of 1-minute videos will position the platform in an interesting middle ground that will give creators much more flexibility for the type of content that can be published. With the introduction of the new functionality on the platform, there are four easy ways video marketers can benefit from Instagram Video.

  1. Add a Call to Action to Instagram Video Content – The previous length would’ve required a sacrifice in order to fit a CTA.
  2. Make the Most of the New Video Length – At the 1-minute mark, Instagram will get the optimal amount of engagement and exposure.
  3. Test Different Video Lengths – Consider easing your viewers up to the 60 second limit.
  4. Take Time to Tell You Brand’s Story – You now have flexibility to repurpose your content.

These videos can also serve the purpose for big brands posting advertisements through Instagram instead of television.

While the increased flexibility is great news for brands, what will this mean for consumers? Will they be bombarded with new video advertisements that could not previously fit in Instagram?

Video content is one of the most powerful storytelling strategies. When it is done right, a business can find content marketing success. But it is important to note that by overdoing your content, audiences may turn away from your brand.

Although this new update is an exciting way for brands to market themselves, they need to find a balance and also ease their way into the 60-second videos. No one likes being overwhelmed with content!

Using video on Instagram will help increase engagement and brand recognition. We are looking forward to seeing these videos in the Instagram feed!

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