Video Checkout Updates – April 2016

Video Checkout Updates

Video Checkout Updates – April 2016

2016 has had an exciting start for us, with already so many changes and improvements to our product. After getting our initial version of Video Checkout up and running late last year, we decided it was time to focus on some of the things that could help our users find further value and joy with our product. So let’s dive right in and go over some of our recent changes:

Knowledge Base & Community Portal

This is not necessarily a feature but something we know can bring great value to our users. The Knowledge Base, aka The Rewind Center, is a great place to find resources on how to get the most out of Video Checkout. We want to help your campaigns succeed and therefore will continue adding valuable resource content that will allow your campaigns to do just that.

If you do have any product feedback or questions, then our Community area is where you can start conversations. We monitor the Community on a daily basis and appreciate the thoughts and opinions of our users, so don’t be afraid to share your ideas. But that’s not all. Our Community area is a resource for you to use to optimize and perfect your campaigns, learn more about content strategies and discuss ideas with other users like yourselves. Bounce off ideas about video production, share and receive tips on content marketing, ask others to review your video campaign, and just utilize and embrace the intelligent user community that we have.

Recurring Subscriptions / Donations

Recurring payments is something that we have been asked about quite often and we are excited to say that it is finally here! For those running fundraising campaigns, you can now allow your donors to make it a monthly contribution. So a simple $10 donation could easily become $100+ over the donor’s lifetime. Similarly, we allow you to have campaigns with individual product subscriptions. Now you can sell your monthly products or memberships right through your video content!

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Custom Thumbnail

Many of you have been asking for this and so we have now delivered two thumbnail selector options. You will have the traditional option of picking a specific frame within the video to make your leading thumbnail image plus the ability to upload a custom image to use as your video’s thumbnail. Why does this matter? Well, first appearances are everything so we want to make sure that your viewers get a good first impression and go ahead and hit play to watch your video. The ability to pick a specific frame in the video will allow you to choose a more relevant or attention getting thumbnail, while the option to upload a custom image gives you full flexibility to have a thumbnail that stands out and has clear call to actions!

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Payment Settings & JetPay

We have two excited announcements when it comes to processing transactions through Video Checkout. First, we have created a strategic partnership with JetPay and added them as a processor option. JetPay is a very large and reputable processor, and therefore are excited about this partnership. Secondly, we have now provided our users the option to integrate their merchant accounts themselves. This is specifically important for all JetPay merchants, who already have a merchant account and can simply integrate in one easy click. The ‘Payment Settings’ can be found by going into the account settings from the top right dropdown.

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Walkthrough Guides

We wanted to make it as simple as possible for our users to get started and that is why we now have interactive walkthroughs. All new users will be taken through a 5-step guide so that they can get going right away, plus all walkthroughs and help resources will be available with a click of one button, the “Help” button in the top right.

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We are excited about these new features and hope that you are just as excited. As always, feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or suggestions, as we believe that the user voice is extremely important.

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