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VideoCheckout increases conversion of Facebook Marketing Campaigns

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Frictionless Checkout

Customers buy your products and complete the checkout directly within Facebook

optimized for mobile

Customers shop on the go with an intuitive interface, without waiting for pages to load

Peace of Mind

PCI compliant system keeps all transactions safe and secure, with integrated cart and processing

Increase your conversion.


Facebook is unrivaled in selecting, targeting, and engaging your ideal audience. Direct conversion from impression to sales however has been limited. VideoCheckout solves your conversion problem by integrating shopping cart and payment processing directly into your media content within Facebook. Without the double drop-off from impression to click and from click to check-out, the frictionless experience for your audience leads to significantly higher conversion rates. An external Landing Page, an external Shopping Card, and a separate Payment Processing System are not required, reducing the time and cost to set-up your product sales campaign. The frictionless user experience of VideoCheckout delivers better conversion, lowers your cost and gets you to sell faster.


Increased Conversion, Lower Cost, Faster Set-Up

+500% Conversion

Video Checkout completes your Facebook Campaign by integrating a Shopping Cart and secure Payment Processing directly into your Advertising Media for Maximum Conversion from Impression to Sales.

Fast & Easy Set-Up

Simply upload your Media to your VideoCheckout Portal, select products, price, and shipping options – and start generating sales.

  • Upload Media
  • Select Options
  • Post

Built-In Conversion

  • Integrated shopping cart, checkout and secure processing
  • No pop-ups, slow redirects or external sites necessary
  • No external landing page or cart optimization necessary


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    “Video Checkout is simple to setup and more importantly, increased our checkout conversion rate.” San Pedro Fish Market