Writing a Social Media Fundraising Strategy For Your Nonprofit

Social Media Fundraising

Writing a Social Media Fundraising Strategy For Your Nonprofit

Writing a social media fundraising strategy is essential for being successful on social media. A nonprofit should define its goals and create a simple and flexible social media plan to help its communications and fundraising staff.

Nonprofit Tech for Good recently came up with a four-step process for writing a strategic plan to help nonprofits move forward.

Step 1: Conduct an Online Communications and Fundraising Audit – Review current online communications and fundraising systems to gain a greater understanding of your needs.

Step 2: Write a Social Media Fundraising Strategic Plan – Allow 4-6 weeks to write your plan, create a budget, and create a system for tracking and reporting success.

Step 3: Create a Budget – Create an Excel document that visualizes monthly and annual totals.

Step 4: Create a System to Track, Evaluate, and Report Success – This will be a social media fundraising success Excel spreadsheet so your success can be easily visualized.

If you implement a multichannel communications and fundraising strategy and upgrade your fundraising systems, your numbers in your social media fundraising success spreadsheet will steadily grow.

Social media can be a highly effective tool for a nonprofit organization’s online fundraising. Using social media channels can help nonprofits build a presence, raise awareness of their cause, increase funds, and reach their overall goals faster.

With recent developments in social media fundraising like Facebook for Nonprofits, Donate Now buttons, and Donation Cards, we expect to see and increased use of nonprofits’ social media practices.

Videos on social media provide nonprofits with the opportunity to connect with their audiences on a deeper level than other content, such a links and photos. Social videos are beginning to play an important role for nonprofits looking to increase online donations and without videos, nonprofits are missing out on the opportunity to increase funds and engage their audiences.

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